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Immigration Services


LogoOur company logo is the New Zealand Haast eagle which we inspire to have the same qualities.

The eagle had the ability to see an object many miles away. It's not enough to have a vision, but we must also have focus.
Never allowing anything or anyone to shift our focus from your vision.
During a storm and strong winds when others disappear in fear, that is when an eagle spreads it's wings
to fly with the aid of the strong wind. Where one sees danger, others sees opportunity.
Storms of life are the wind that aids us to fly. We never see them to be obstacles or allow them to stop us
from spreading our wings and soar on them like an eagle.
The claws of an eagle are so strong that it is difficult for an eagle to lose a grip on it's prey
no matter the challenges that come it's way.
We will never let go of your God given dreams.
These dreams must be tried and tested and we wont let go of these, come what may.

id picRichard Stanners - Company Owner/Director and Licensed Immigration Adviser IAA number 201300629

Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Immigration Advice Level 7

I am New Zealand born and was brought up on a Dairy Farm and spent my early years working life managing dairy farms.
Life has developed a variety of different life and people skills, that has given me a good understanding,
empathy and professionalism towards people and their needs.
This positioned me well to be able to serve people requiring immigration advice and dealing with their futures.
I have a full license which enables me to provide advice across the entire range of immigration matters.


VangieVangie Stanners - Company Owner/Director and Immigration Adviser IAA number 201601380

Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Immigration Advice Level 7

I came from Catarman, Northern Samar, Philippines. I previously worked as a Supervisor in a Baseball Gloves company in Manila for 8 years. I studied Nursing before I met Richard and we were married in 2006.
My family has grown since then and I have two wonderful children.
Our lives revolve around our family and friends, both Kiwi and Filipinos, that we have here in Christchurch.
We, as a family and along with our friends enjoyed travelling, family time, the outdoors, camping, and the beach.

We have been involved with processing all types of visas since 2001 and have the ability
to put together the required documents and information that is needed for your successful application
and look forward to be in your corner throughout this entire process.