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Immigration Services

Do you have a DREAM?
To visit or live in what is known as God's Own Country.
To provide an education and a new life for your family.
Enjoy the wide open spaces and fresh air.
To feel safe and know your family is safe.
A place with a clean green environment.
The beautiful blue skies, white capped mountains, forests, green farm lands,
sandy beaches
and the blue seas.

If this is the life you are looking for, I am sure it would be something that you would have thought long and hard about,
putting in long hours and sleepless nights thinking about what it would be like and how to achieve this dream.
Welcome to Freelife Ventures, we are a New Zealand family based immigration company specializing in
assisting people and families wanting to come to New Zealand to visit, study, work or settle
successfully in their newly chosen country.
Your decision to come to New Zealand is just the beginning of many decisions that you will have to make to achieve this goal.
The entire immigration process is very complex and comes with huge emotional and financial costs
and I am sure that you would want to have the greatest and best chance of a successful outcome.
Our family has successfully been through this, as well as helping others to successfully visit, work and settle in New Zealand.
It is this experience and the plight of so many other unsuccessful people that we have met
that has brought us to want to help people like you achieve a successful result
in obtaining your visa to come here whether it is just for a visit or
to make a new life here in New Zealand.

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